W+K New York Is A Bit Behind On The Digital Learning Curve

By SuperSpy 

Often, agencies bring in experiments to educate staffers on parts of consumer culture. These topics generally center around “expert fields” say, mobile, gaming or sustainability.

For some reason, W+K New York, thought it was necessary to rent out the cinemas here in Tribeca New York and host a day where staffers “smoked the interactive dope.” The dopeinar was led by Jerome Austria (Interactive Creative Director), Greg March (Digital Group Media Director), Jason Clement, (Director of Search) and the excellent Andy Bhatt (Head of Digital Production). These are extremely talented dudes. So, they must have been super bored teaching the basics of creating good web campaigns. Like, the very, very beginning of musts for interactive interactions:


– be useful
– let me play with it
– let me make it my own
– make me part of something bigger

Shocking right? Shocking that these four totems of web experiences have to be shared with agency staffers in any agency, much less the super hip Wieden, in this day and age. This is web 101. No, no, no. Sorry. It’s pre-web. Somewhere, Big Spaceship, Deep Focus, AKQA, Tribal, et al. are all laughing their asses off thanking their lucky stars that traditional agencies are this far behind the curve.

Not all Wieden’s are the same. Got a feeling that Portland and London are way beyond this remedial level of consumer, online engagement.