W+K New York, Equinox ‘Commit to Something’

By Erik Oster 

CommitToSomethingW+K New York launched a new campaign for luxury fitness brand Equinox entitled “Commit to Something,” centered around a series of seven images shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein in Los Angeles over the course of three days. The campaign launched yesterday on digital, social and print platforms, supported by the “#CommitToSomething” hashtag. While rooted in fitness, W+K stretched the idea of commitment, bringing it to unexpected, and some rather strange, places. Some of the somethings commited to appear to be fake breast-feeding two baby dolls at a restaurant, rocking a J. Mascis-inspired haircut, eating large sums of money while wearing sunglasses indoors and adopting far too many cats.

“Equinox is about commitment, we are obsessed with it, and we challenge our members to know who they are and what they want,” explained Equinox CMO Carlos Becil. “It’s not just about fitness – it’s about life. The concept of commitment is bold, incredibly powerful, and it’s real, especially in a world today where commitment is lacking.”

“Commitment takes shape in different ways for different people,” added W+K New York creative director Sean McLaughlin. “Committing to a cause. Committing to a belief. Committing to pursuing the almighty dollar. The more we stretched the definition, the more interesting the campaign got. When it’s more about life than just working out, ‘Commit to Something’ takes on a very different meaning.”


Executive Creative Directors: Colleen DeCourcy
Creative Directors: John Parker & Sean McLaughlin
Copywriter: Rajeev Basu
Art Director: Mathieu Zarbatany
Art Director, Social: Alison Joseph
Director of Art Production: Deb Rosen
Photographer: Steven Klein
Account Director: Casey Jennings
Account Supervisor: Kristen Herrington
Account Executive: Jasmine Cogdell
Project Manager: Danielle Rounds
Business Affairs: Keri Rommel, Lindsey Timko
Brand Strategist: Neal Arthur
Content Strategist: Matt Simpson
Community Manager: James Williams
Design Director: Serifcan Ozcan
Designer: Brian Metcalf
Media Director of W+K NY: David Stopforth
Group Media Director: Ryan Haskins

Photographer: Steven Klein
Photographer’s Agent: Art Partner
Stylist: Mel Ottenberg
Set Designer: David White

RETOUCHING AGENCY: Steven Klein Studio

Production Company: North Six
Executive Producer: Jordanna Vogel
Line Producer: Kellie Tissear

Supervisor: Courtney Bernstein, Media Platforms: Yoni Freedman