W+K Launches the Only Interactive Site Where Hair Plays Huey Lewis Songs

By Erik Oster 

W+K Portland has unveiled “The Power of Hair” for Old Spice, the “newest, never-been-done-before interactive digital experience.”

The new site is an extension of W+K’s “For Hair That Gets Results” campaign promoting Old Spice’s new haircare and styling products, featuring the same anthropomorphic hair, and comes on the heels of the “Boardwalk” and “Meeting” spots Old Spice debuted late last month. Visitors to “The Power of Hair are greeted by a testimonial video with a young man extolling the virtues of Old Spice’s hair products. Predictably, this includes attention from the ladies and respect around the office. Less predictably, this includes Huey Lewis songs. “When you’ve got great hair like this, you’d be surprised by how many Huey Lewis songs it can play on the piano,” the now bald man says.


Visitors to the site are then asked to pick a Huey Lewis song, and the hair (which by now has slithered off of the guy’s head) will play them on piano, occasionally adding in some percussion. You can pick from among 29 of Lewis’ greatest hits, including “The Power of Love,” “I Want a New Drug,” “The Heart of Rock n’ Roll,” “Bad is Bad” and “Doing It All for My Baby.” It’s a pretty absurd idea (and yeah, we’re pretty sure no one has done this before), but then this is the kind of silliness we’ve come to expect from W+K’s work for Old Spice and a fitting extension of the “For Hair That Gets Results” campaign, complete with a perfect title. Give “The Power of Hair” a try above or at the site, and stick around for credits after the jump.


CLIENT: Old Spice


Creative Directors: Craig Allen / Jason Bagley / Matt O’Rourke

Copywriter: Jason Kreher

Art Director: Max Stinson

Executive Interactive Producer: Mike Davidson

Director of Broadcast Production: Ben Grylewicz

Director of Interactive Production: Pierre Wendling

Technology Lead: Ryan Bowers

Account Team: Georgina Gooley / Liam Doherty / Nick Pirtle / Michael Dalton / Jessica Monsey

Executive Creative Directors: Susan Hoffman / Joe Staples


Production Company: MJZ

Director: Tom Kuntz

Executive Producer: Scott Howard

Producer: Emily Skinner


Editorial Company: Rock Paper Scissors

Editor: Carlos Arias

Asst. Editor: Christopher Mitchell

Producer: Lisa Barnable

VFX and Digital Production

VFX Company: Framestore – New York

Creative Director: Mike Woods

Producer: Christine Cattano

Head of Commercial Development: Ming-Pong Liu

Lead Developers: Sebastian Buys and Nien Liu

Lead Compositor: Mindy Dubin


Music Company: Stimmung

Executive Producer: Ceinwyn Clark

Post Engineer: Rory Doggett

Composer: Greg Chun