W+K Kickstarts Dodge Dart

By Jordan Teicher 

W+K’s line of Dodge ads appeals to consumers with a distinct voice that separates the brand from most  auto manufacturers hawking new models. By now, we all know the recipe: frenetic cuts, clean white text, VO that tries too hard to be cool, and the loop from “No Church in the Wild.” The commercials run so often,  you almost forget that the song used to belong to Jay, Ye, and Frank Ocean. I doubt any of them drive Dodge Darts.

But for those of us who want to drive Dodge Darts, the latest spot, titled “How to Change Buying Cars Forever,” details a clever crowdfunding pitch meant to make new cars a little more affordable. Interested buyers can design their own Dart online and set a funding goal for family and friends who want to purchase individual parts as gifts. Mom and Dad get the steering wheel, your brother covers the leather seats, etc.


And if you’re getting married, the Dodge Dart Registry throws a nice wrench in the department store marital registry monopoly. Nobody wants a new toaster. Credits after the jump.

Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff / Susan Hoffman

Creative Directors: Aaron Allen / Joe Staples / Michael Tabtabai

Copywriter: Derek Szynal

Art Director: Gianmaria Schonlieb

Agency Executive Producer: Ben Grylewicz

Executive Producer: Corey Bartha

Broadcast Producer: Jennifer Hundis

Director of Business Affairs: Amber Lavender

Business Affairs: Connery Obeng

Project Management: Tamar Berk