W+K Gets Strangely Interactive for Old Spice

By Erik Oster 

W+K Portland brings back a screaming Terry Crews for a new 30-second online spot for Old Spice, but that’s just the beginning.

The spot features Crews crashing into a bathroom on an Old Spice rocket and promoting the brand’s “powerful smelling” body spray and body wash, which he uses to cover his “powerful body.” It’s a return to an old formula for the brand, following the slight departure of its previous campaign, but ends with something different: a call to viewers to click through to an interactive experience called “Muscle Surprise.”

Old Spice spokesperson Kate DiCarlo told Mashable “Muscle Surprise” was designed to appeal to the brand’s video game-loving audience. “We know our guys love video games. We know they’re spending a lot of time engaging with their friends digitally,” she said. “But they’re also spending a lot of time engaging with brands digitally, so we thought, ‘Why not give it a try and turn Terry into a game?'”

Calling “Muscle Surprise” a game might be a bit of a stretch, as there isn’t a clear cause and effect to users’ actions. Rather, the surreal interactive experience finds users clicking on Crews’ various muscles to bizarre and unexpected effect, with which muscles they click on, and in what order, leading to different (always strange) results. You can give it a try yourself here, and see if you can figure out how to get the ennui-suffering stapler.


Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff, Joe Staples
Creative Directors: Craig Allen, Jason Bagley
Copywriters: Jarrod Higgins, Andy Laugenour, Ansel Wallenfang
Director of Interactive Production:Mike Davidson
Interactive Producer: Eddye Borgese, Amy Marsh
Interactive Strategy: Michael Holz
Social Strategy: Danny Schotthoefer
Media/Comms Planning: Lisa Feldhusen, AJ Blumenthal, Mary O’Malley
Account Team: Nick Pirtle, Liam Doherty
Business Affairs: Cindy Lewellen

Production Company: MediaMonks
Founder: Wesley ter Haar
Director: Tom Rijpert
Executive Producer: Joris Pol
Executive Producer: Nell Jordan
Post Production Producer: Marloes de Rijke
Producer: Tim Ruiters
Executive Creative Director: Jeroen van der Meer
Digital Art Director: Nicolas Mollien
UX Lead: Martin Kool
Animation Director: Pierre Nelwan