W+K Gets Into The Game

By SuperSpy 

Wieden + Kennedy is getting into the game of search in um, err, a creative way? Apparently, the agency is looking to bring search into the creative process. Only at W+K, kids. Only at W+K. The agency has hired its first director of search, Jason Clement, who was a Partner, Director at Neo/Ogilvy, as well as Associate Director SEM at Carat Fusion.

“We’re getting invested in this because we think creativity in search is an area that hasn’t been exploited at all,” said Renny Gleeson, global director of digital strategies told Adweek. “It’s a sad reflection of people’s inability to get over the fact that it has long since graduated from being a DR tool.”

Swear. The kids at Wieden can’t help, but climb up on that intellectual soap box every chance they get. Yes, you guys are the geeks who made good, blah, blah, blah. So, what is this “creative strategy” the agency plans on applying to search?

“Gleeson sees search being used not just to translate ideas into keyword lists and tagging, but also to come up with creative strategies. For instance, search trends give clues to customer behavior that can be mined for strategic insights.”

OMG! Shut up! Noooo way! Search gives clues to consumer behavior? Shut the fuck up. Shut up. No, seriously… like, I don’t believe you. Adweek goes on to talk about some other tactics in the business that any proper search company has been pushing for ages, such as search for TV and mobile and cross media searches. However, W+K isn’t trying to compete with SEM firms. Instead, it sounds like this is a bonus package for existing clients. An add-on if you will. It’s also a way to extend Wieden’s practices now that digital is a key discipline for all agencies. Nice PR move, W+K. Hell, you kids are pretty smart, ain’t ya?