W+K Explores Virtual Reality for Chrysler

By Patrick Coffee 

Heard of Oculus Rift but still not sure what it is, exactly? Now you can become a little more familiar with the experience thanks to Wieden+Kennedy Portland.

But first, this September entry from W+K for client Chrysler is less an ad than a short “making of” documentary about the company’s interactive factory tour project:

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“Beneath the Surface” launched yesterday at the Los Angeles auto show, and this preview clip demonstrates what the experience looked like for attendees:

From the press release:

“Consumers have the chance to take a seat in a Chrysler 200 on the auto show floor. Once the Oculus Rift DK2 headset is on, the experience comes to life with the help of a seat rumble pack and sound system that combines music, voiceover instructions and spatial sound effects.”

The full user experience highlights “the building process within the plant” from body work to paint jobs.

This project, which included assistance from development partners Stopp and MPC Creative, does not appear to be part of Wieden’s larger “Ready to Take on the World” campaign for Chrysler, which launched in October.

Here are your credits.



CLIENT Chrysler
PROJECT NAME Beneath The Surface – Chrysler 200 Virtual Reality Experience
CONTENT TYPE Interactive/Virtual Reality
CLIENT CONTACT Melissa Garlick / Danielle DePerro
LAUNCH DATE November 20, 2014
DURATION OF CAMPAIGN LA Auto Show 11/19/14 – 11/30/14
URL Chrysler200factory.com


Creative Director Aaron Allen / Kevin Jones / Michael Tabtabai
Copywriter Alex Romans
Art Director Chuck Carlson / Danielle Delph
UX Designer Tera Hatfield
Creative Technologist Michael Latzoni
Director of Interactive Production Patrick Marzullo
Senior Interactive Producer Melissa Crespo
Interactive Producer Evelyn Loomis
Interactive Strategy Sarah Biedak
Strategic Planning Cat Wilson
Media/Comms Planning Alex Barwick
Account Team Lani Reichenbach / Jourdan Merkow / Stephanie Montoya
Broadcast Julie Gursha
Project Manager Jane Monaghan
Videographer / Editor Matt Hayes
Business Affairs Anna Beth Nagel
Executive Creative Directors Mark Fitzloff / Joe Staples


Development Partner Company Stopp www.stopp.se
CEO Fredrik Frizell
Executive Producer Eric W. Shamlin
Creative Director Zach Richter
Creative Technologist Ola Björling
Senior Producer Mary Toto
Sound Design/Composer Eric Thorsell


Production Company MPC Creative  www.moving-picture.com
Executive Producer Tim Dillon
3D Lead Michael Wynd
Lead Developer Eric Renaude – Houde
Senior Producer Gavin Rea / Nicole Fina
Unreal Developers Brian Brown / Keith Guerrette / Matthew Jones / Vince McMullin/ Michael Green / Corey Sine