W+K, EA Unveil ‘Duty Calls’ Parody

By Michael Musco 

Wieden + Kennedy gives it another go in promoting the first-person shooter gaming genre with its effort for EA’s Bulletstorm, which allows gamers to perform “Skill Shots” or crazy combos rather than killing your average mutant, alien, etc. In turn, the participants can earn the user more points.

The spot above, dubbed “Duty Calls,” basically rips on Call of Duty for being just another cliched shooter game, proclaims that Bulletstorm goes against the grain and continues W+K’s foray into parody. If you recall, the agency last took a shot at Halo in early January with “Last Call.


So if you feel like taking a five-minute stroll on the interwebs, check out W+K and Other Ocean Studios’ effort, which heckles some of the genre’s most worn-out conventions.

Credits after the jump.

Creative Director, Eric Baldwin / Jason Bagley
Copywriter, Eric Kallman
Art Director, Craig Allen
Producer, Carl Whitehouse / Ryan Bolls
Account Team, Andrew Walenga / Becca Milby / Matt Kelley
Executive Creative Directors, Mark Fitzloff / Susan Hoffman
Agency Executive Producer, ikBen Grylewicz
Interactive Studio Artist, Peter Yue
Production Company
Other Ocean Interactive
Director, Norm Badillo
Executive Producer, Sara Guinness
Post-Production Company, Jason Wentzel / Jeremy Kohar / Paul Hubans / Alvin Aquino
Editor, Bob Baffy
Audio Post- Production Co.
Cleveland Bledsoe, Jr.
Development Partner Company
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