W+K, Dodge Establish ‘New Rules’ of Carmaking

By Ella Riley-Adams 

Anything backed by the opening thumps of Kanye West/Jay-Z’s “No Church in the Wild” is bound to be epic. W+K’s latest spot for Dodge is no exception.

This 90-second instructional ad makes car creators look like Mad Men, minus the booze. Instead, they’re drinking coffee, kicking out committees that make compromises, and redefining the modern vehicle. The showcased car is the 2013 Dodge Dart, a compact chariot that can be started via smart phone and gets 41 miles to the gallon.


The copywriters did a fantastic job giving this ad’s narrator a mixture of humorous and informational lines, rhythmically recited over Watch the Throne’s music and a collage of video scenarios. The ad introduces Dodge’s tagline, “New Rules” (wait, does Bill Maher have a case?). If car manufacturing is really about to become this fast-paced and fun, we’re willing to follow Dodge’s guidelines.

Credits after the jump.

W+K Portland

Creative Directors: Aaron Allen/Joe Staples/Michael Tabtabi

Copywriter: Matt Rivitz/Justin Armour/Jared Elms

Art Director: Tyler Magnussen/Devin Gillepsie

Executive Producer: Corey Bartha

Account Team: Thomas Harvey/Lani Riechenbach/Corey Woodson

Executive Creative Directors: Mark Fitzloff/Susan Hoffman

Agency Head of Production: Ben Grylewicz