W+K, Delta Fly A Different Course

By Michael Musco 

W+K NY and Delta launched a new campaign, “Keep Climbing,” which is a declaration of the company’s commitment to making flying better and a celebration of where the brand is and where it is heading. The launch begins September 2010 in New York City. There will be television spots, print ads, billboards, transit advertising, and a plethora of other executions.

Delta strategy’s and thought process behind the “Climbing” tagline is that those who’d rather not fly are waiting for a bigger airline and/or they’re waiting for one that’s going to make flying better.


Doesn’t the “Keep Climbing” tag sound like a whole lot of work? Climbing something sounds as if you have some kind of obstacles ahead. I’d much rather be carried. If you want to make flying better, then carry me; don’t make me have to climb. You can read full credits and view the rest of the campaign after the jump.

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Creative Directors: Ben Hughes / John Parker

Copywriter: Ben Hughes / Jed Alger

Art Director: John Parker
Producer: Temma Shoaf

Account Team: Lauren Glazer / Dipal Shah

Executive Creative Directors: Kevin Proudfoot / Todd Waterbury / Jerome Austria

Head of Content Production: Gary Krieg