W+K and Duracell Pay Tribute to Some Coach Who Will Almost Definitely Win the Super Bowl

By Patrick Coffee 

UPDATE: For once, we were very happy to be proven completely wrong.


Maybe you heard that there’s a football game happening on Sunday. It will involve two teams from cities we don’t live in and, frankly, we don’t really care who wins AS LONG AS IT’S NOT THE PATRIOTS.


Just kidding, they are very good and it’s not just because Tom Brady decided to abandon his career as a Calvin Klein model to make millions of dollars by avoiding the crushing blows of other, larger men.

Wieden + Kennedy New York knows which team to root for. Or at least which team is closer to its client Duracell (headquarters in Bethel, Connecticut). So the agency and the brand made a little tribute to one Bill Belichick, best known for his signature hoodies, his flustered press conferences and his endless collection of Super Bowl rings.

As the campaign copy reads, “If batteries played football, Duracell would be the coach you want next to you in a Foxborough hole.”

(We are not too smart, but even we know that’s a New England joke.)

The release also tells us that the brand will be engaging in witty social media banter leading up to and during the game. For example…

This is going to be a blowout, isn’t it? UUUGGGGGGHHHHHH.