Wix’s First Super Bowl Ad Features Retired NFL Stars

By Erik Oster 

Back in November, we mentioned that Tel Aviv-based Wix, “the leading web development platform,” would be making its initial foray into Super Bowl advertising. Since then, we’ve learned that Wix dropped Silver+Partners as its agency of record. So for the Super Bowl spot, entitled “#ItsThatEasy,” the brand teamed up with Committee L.A., with the creative team hailing from design/creative agency Tzeffrey Tzanetos.

“#ItsThatEasy” features former NFL stars Brett Favre, Terrell Owens, Emmitt Smith, Franco Harris and Larry Allen recast in new careers. To build anticipation for its big game ad, Wix is releasing a series of web spots starring the athletes in their new roles. The above 30-second spot rolled out today, and features Terrell Owens pumping iron in anticipation of the main event: baking. The campaign will also feature websites for each athlete’s fictional business. Adweek reports that, according to photos sent to the publication, we can expect to see Brett Favre as a butcher, Franco Harris as an event planner, Larry Allen as a car salesman, and Emmit Smith as…a country line dancer (or something like that).


“It’s the biggest stage, and we’re not just doing a straight TV advertising campaign,” Eric Mason, Wix’s U.S. director of marketing communications, told Adweek. “It’s a huge U.S. audience, and we want to let them know who we are as a company.”