Wix Will Run a Super Bowl Ad

By Patrick Coffee 

Since the embargo has passed, we can tell you that Wix, a company calling itself “the leading web development platform,” has moved beyond sponsored Facebook posts to drop the $4 million required to buy an ad during next year’s Super Bowl.

The press release doesn’t include much beyond that: no hints regarding the coming ad’s theme or tone, though we did learn in September that the company named New York’s Silver+Partners its AOR. The release also tells us that the company has achieved “massive” growth despite lacking a sales team by “executing a wide array of online and offline marketing and advertising initiatives.”

For reference, here’s one of those initiatives, created six months ago by New York agency Special Guest:


After the jump, one of those branded “events” we keep hearing about.

Here’s the explanation of the event:

And the footage itself:

This one has credits.

Creative Director: Jonathan Keren 
Producer: Ronit Gendelman 
Integrated Producer: Kurt Peloquin 
Interactive & Installation Production by Graphics eMotion
Video Production: Transient Pictures, Directed by Landon Van Soest 
Soundtrack by JSM Music
Production Agency: Silver + Partners
Special Thanks to Madison Square Park Conservancy and The City of New York Parks Department.

While the release called the event “part of Wix’s collaboration with agency of record Silver + Partners,” you may note that these creative credits are internal. And here’s the response we received when we asked the company’s PR firm which agency would make the Super Bowl spot:

“The ad is being made by an outside agency, but it isn’t being disclosed which one yet.”

UPDATE: We hear that Silver+Partners and Wix have recently parted ways. Regarding the ad itself, we expect some flashy product demos.