With MasterCard, it’s Like Mr. T’s Watching Out For You

By Matt Van Hoven 

There’s only a few ways to employ Mr. T &#151 be it as tank-driving nut provider or a Night Elf Mohawk, playing to his strength usually works. And that’s what McCann has done with this spot for MasterCard.

The takeaway is that with MasterCard, people will stay the heck away from you for fear of a beat-down from an aging badass. The metaphor runs deep. Credits after the jump.


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&#151 Chief Creative Officer: Joyce King Thomas
&#151 Group Creative Director: Vann Graves
&#151 Copywriter: Kate Lummus
&#151 Producer: Jonathan Shipman
&#151 Production company: Bob Industries, Santa Monica
&#151 Director: Harry Cocciolo
&#151 DP: Stefan Czapsky
&#151 Executive Producers: T.K. Knowles, John O’Grady, Chuck Ryant
&#151 Producer: Lauren Bayer
&#151 Editorial house: Final Cut, New York
&#151 Editor: Stephane Dumonceau