Will You Watch TNT’s Ad-Drama, ‘Trust Me’?

By Matt Van Hoven 

In the video to your left, two cast members from TNT’s upcoming show, ‘Trust Me’ give a tour of the faux agency (Rothman, Greene & Moore in Chicago) that acts as they central scene point in the program. Set to air January 26, we thought taking a look at this behind-the-scenes video would give us a better idea of whether or not we should watch.

Generally speaking, Rothman, Greene & Moore ain’t no JWT NY, but as tour guide/cast member Geoffrey Arend</strong points out, they have all the fixins of a legit agency. Dude even talks about how it's all family inside the shop, just as a production guy comes up and asks him for that money he's owed &#151 the young-bloods have consumed the Kool-aid.

Trust Me is no MadMen, but we're confident that since the creators at least got the vibe down, it'll be worth a watch. Just look at the flannel shirt Arend is wearing &#151 right now at this very moment no less than half of the advertising world that's under 30 is wearing a flannel shirt, so that's pretty spot on of Arend.

And in case you're not sure who's in this thing, you've got Will (Eric McCormack) from Will and Grace and Ed (Tom Cavanagh) from…Ed.

What we didn’t hear about was whether or not the part of a mysterious anonymous blogger would be written in, or that of a cantankerous old adman whose role is to slam the very industry that pays for his bread and whiskey. Here’s hoping. God help us ’em the mainstream trades make an appearance &#151 then we’ll know without a doubt that the show is a dud.

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