Will Somebody Be Able Steal HP Away From Goodby?

By SuperSpy 

Hewlett Packard is supposedly unhappy with Goodby, Silverstein + Partners. That’s the word on the street. The computer maker is apparently shopping around for a new agency, but for which part of the business? Who knows. We do hear that an agency pitched them just this week. Was it your agency?

Rumors are always flying around about Goodby. It’s the haters. When you’re agency of the year, everyone will always speculate on when and where you will miss a step. Last time, it was the Sprint account. We didn’t believe it for a nanosecond, so didn’t bother posting it here. HP, well maybe… Calls to HP went straight to their giant media inbox. An email to Goodby, naturally, got us nowhere.

You know the deal. Send us an email at agencyspy at mediasbistro dot com or there is always the comment section. The only agency we know of that is monitoring emails sent to us is Idea City – GSDM. Can you believe it? Note to Greed, Sex staffers, please just use your personal accounts at home if you’ve got something to say, yeah?