By SuperSpy 

We are toying with the idea of starting a new series called WHOIS. AS gets all these press releases quoting the same folks again and again – for example Marian Salzman from JWT. And yes, we know some of them, but the industry is enormous. It’s hard to keep tabs on everybody. Accordingly, we thought it might be fun to profile some of these bold faced names, so we can all get a little more intimate. No, no… our intention is not to be mean, but to give some background, a few top quotes, a resume, a little perspective if you will.

Sound interesting – yay or nay?
We’re taking names for our first profile. Suggestions so far include Lori Senecal from McCann; Mary Knight from DraftFCB; Steve Hardwick from Grey NY; Randy Browning of Publicis West and Steve Wax from Campfire. Any of these tickle you? If not, please feel free to make your own suggestions in the comments section.