WhoIs: Christine Fruechte And Colle+McVoy

By SuperSpy 

In February, we mentioned that Christine Fruechte had ascended to the top spot of agency, Colle+McVoy. At the time, we couldn’t find a lot of folks who has either worked at the agency or knew some background on Christine. Now, we have some info. First, the agency just got dropped from a review for creative/media duties for the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, which has an estimated ad spend of $10-12 million. The shop also helped sandwich shop Ebert & Gerbert’s celebrate their 20th by blowing out their candles via a cannon from 180 feet away, so you know, they’re busy.

Now for Christine.Her father is a psychic entertainer and she’s been on stage with the Amazing Kreskin and Doug Henning.She’s a native of St. Paul and attended the University of Minnesota. Hey, she’s a home town gal, though she once worked at an agency in Honolulu. Christine was studying art when she stumbled into an course on advertising. Like many who have come before her, she took up the advertising torch and ran with it. She has son named… Kermit. Right, and a son with a less comical name, Jack. She’s giver spending time on the boards of Free Arts Minnesota and Cultural Jambalaya and as an active member of the Young President’s Organization.


Her advice? “The best way to predict the future is to create it. Believe in yourself and be a person of action and integrity.”

That’s some good advice people.