Who Tweeted It: Jordan Zimmerman, Gary Vee, or This ‘Madison Avenue Donald Trump’ Parody Account?

By Patrick Coffee 

Twitter is the worst. We would give that title to LinkedIn, but apparently some people enjoy perusing the content marketing, aka fancy spam.

It’s still a pretty decent place to follow breaking/developing news if you know how to cultivate your feed (which takes way too much time and effort). And then some rare people who are not us succeed in the making of the jokes. But most of what you’ll see during any given Twitter session is a disorienting mix of self-promotion and political screeds. And there are nowhere near six degrees of separation between the #content you want and the neo-Nazi cheering section.

We mention this because, after a while, certain accounts and their tweets really start to blur together. Especially if they come from marketing thought leaders.


Let’s take two of our faves, Jordan Zimmerman and Gary Vaynerchuk. These two guys have a good bit in common: they both run successful agencies, they are both fond of athletic contests, and they both sell themselves as brands above and beyond their main businesses and/or hustles. The key angle in both cases is RAW AUTHENTIC TAKES and words of inspiration shared with hundreds of thousands of followers every day.

They say what they think and they mean what they say and they will never, ever apologize. Kinda like our president!

On that note, here are a bunch of recent, randomly organized messages from the two current kings of agency thought leadership along with others from a parody account called MadAveTrump that applies The Donald’s famously all-over-the-place personality to the ad industry.

Now, without cheating, let’s see how many you can guess. Who tweeted the following: Gary V, Jordan Z, or Madison Avenue POTUS?

1. Life isn’t fair. So what?

2. 1000-1 … no problem

3. When THE BOSS is ON VACATION you still have to deal with my TWEETS because I DO NOT STOP EVER and NEITHER WILL YOU!!

4. Do whatever it takes.

5. You’ll never get where you’re going if you don’t know where you’re going.

6. Shook things up to get more New Yorkers running the show. And who doesn’t like New Yorkers?

7. It’s time to pitch to win. No more pitching to lose like our last chief!

8. Once you accept … everything is your fault. life becomes a lot more fun and you achieve a lot more

9. Program your brain to shut out the negative noise. I don’t listen to naysayers, and neither should you….

10. I stood in front of our chairman, the former CEO, and said it was the best eclipse ever. My exec assistant laughed. It was hilarious.

11. Do that! … whatever that was that just passed through your mind! Go ..

12. Got terrific RFPs in today. NYC HQ packed tonight. LABOR DAY is for hustlers.

13. Heartache & discontent come along in life most often because it’s easier to be the one life happens to than the one who makes life happpen….

14. Our TX office wanted less top-heavy mgmt structure. Now they’re not so sure. But you will always need your CEO!

15. You’re Gonna Die- so do something about it

Were those as confusing for you as they were for us? In all honesty, while writing this dumb post we challenged each other to figure out who sent which tweet and often got it wrong!

Here are the answers:

1. Jordan

2. Gary

3. Trump

4. Jordan

5. Jordan

6. Trump

7. Trump

8. Gary

9. Jordan

10. Trump

11. Gary

12. Trump

13. Jordan

14. Trump

15. Gary

OK, maybe the Trump ones were a little more obvious than the others. And maybe the idea for this post came when that account (created by some brave, anonymous commenter) started trying to get our attention.

But we still had at least 20 minutes of fun at work while poring through these messages, and we didn’t even go back very far!! The exercise made us think we all get the world we deserve, collectively speaking. Like in the socialist way that all three of these guys would hate.

Oh also, the replies to these tweets are sometimes the best part if you want to feel especially useless. Your turn, Tom Goodwin.