Who is Going to Buy MIR?

By Matt Van Hoven 

If you haven’t heard about MIR, you’re way behind. They’re a nimble, 4-8 man crew operating out of DUMBO, who handle more mobile work than the bigger chunk of Madison Avenue, and folks with cash are taking notice. Word on the street is they’re facing offers from a healthy handful of suitors. Did we mention they’re just a year old?

Launched by creatives Adam Wohl and Darrell Whitelaw, the shop hit the ground last fall &#151 which you’ll recall was the tail end of the “worst” part of the recession.

What’d they do? Work. Building apps, harnessing geo-location, realizing the capability of emerging tech &#151 and selling their work to everyone. Chiat and Ogilvy are among the bigger names, though we’ve had a tough time figuring out how far their wings spread.


They’ve never been written about. They don’t run around shouting about how great they are, and they don’t leak work. So basically they’re still a mystery &#151 but what better way to dominate a space than by remaining a complete enigma?

OK, so that’s a bit dramatic &#151 even for me. But if the rumors we’re hearing are true, that VCs and holding companies are lining up to meet with these guys, than you can expect bigger news to emerge soon. Like a story about them getting bought. Our best guess: they’ll scale slowly. In the wild west, failure finds the ones who grow too fast. Take it slow guys, mobile is just getting started.

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