Who Goes Where At OMD?

By SuperSpy 

OMD is awake and like, doing stuff. Apparently, the agency has decided to rejigger the ship a bit. The agency is hiring a whole new level of senior execs to oversee their account squads. The first hire is Elizabeth McCune previously of Ogilvy & Mather. She will serve as group client director for one of OMD’s big boy accounts and oversee some smaller ones, too totaling about $500M of business annually. Congrats to Elizabeth.

Scott Hagedorn, managing director of OMD’s eastern region, will be her boss. He told AdWeak that McCune level staffers that:


“We’re telling clients how to spend $50 million or $100 million and we have to be able to objectively say that based on data, modeling [and other] analyses and based on what opportunities exist in the market that this is the best use of their money,” Hagedorn said. “Our client leaders must have that broader business [and] strategically-focused background.”

Um, one would really hope. Shouldn’t that be the case already?

Scott, who just recently took his position at OMD, is rubbing the sleep from the agencies eyes. OMD UK has been kicking ass and taking names posting an impressive growth of 7.5%. Maybe now, OMD US (who ain’t so shabby anyways) might have a chance at doing the same with Scott at the reins.