Where is Moxiesozo Founder Leif Steiner Taking his Design Team?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Moxie Sozo* is a 15-person Boulder, Colo. shop that until today we didn’t know existed. We got an e-mail that founder and creative dude Leif Steiner is taking his design crew to an unknown location &#151 as in no one but he knows their destination. All anyone knows is that they need a passport and some preventative shots.

Steiner is “taking them on a 2 week trip. Where will they be going? No one knows. Armed with a packing list, Yellow Fever vaccinations, Malaria pills, and a few other items from sponsors like Sierra Designs, the designers will be boarding a plane to a third world country.”


To give you some background, Steiner has, “hitchhiked the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan. He’s traveled with the Bedouin across the Sahara.” Dude knows what’s up, and he’s probably going to show those kiddies a good time (just not the kind that we focus on, which involves beaches and cocktails). Check out the e-mail he sent staffers to get them prepared for the adventure, after the jump.

We like Steiner’s idea &#151 take some designers drop ’em in some crazy territory with only you to count on &#151 and lead them back to safety. That’s what we’re talking about &#151 really building the team, like soldiers or sherpa or a bunch of noob travelers who thrive on adrenaline. Seriously though, doesn’t this sound like something Michael from “The Office” would do? We’ll see the first pics on Nov. 3, and you can be the judge.

Crazy Days Ahead

*Correction: Earlier we listed the agency as Moxiesozo, but it’s actually Moxie Sozo. We haven’t changed it in the headline because it messes up the comments. Righteous.

November 2 – 16th

I’m not telling you where we’re going.

You need a passport. You may need to expedite it. If you don’t have it before November 2nd, you won’t be able to go. This means take care of this as soon as possible. Like today for example.

I’ll be paying for flights, basic food, shelter, and transportation. Snow cones and beers are extra.

We’re going to be traveling rough. If you want the four seasons, this trip will not be for you. This won’t even be a motel 6. We will most likely be staying in cheap hotels, hostels, and possibly sleeping in close proximity to each other and possibly other people. In fact, we’re going to seek this out.

Expect to be hot, cold, tired, sometimes hungry, cramped. And there may be flies or other bugs. There may be other inconveniences and annoyances. Like lack of toilets and showers and certainly hot water. And maybe even lack of privacy.

We won’t be relaxing on a beach or sitting in one place. We’ll have a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time.

We’re not seeking out any danger, but we won’t necessarily always be in the safest places. If you want to bring pepper spray, consider bringing it. I doubt you’ll get killed.

So be ready not to complain. Most of you are going to be outside of your comfort zone, but every one of you can handle this.

In the coming weeks, I’ll let you know what you need to bring. It won’t be much &#151?we’ll be traveling light. Everything in one backpack.

You don’t have to go if you don’t want to go. You are absolutely welcome to stay and work. But you’ll be missing out on an excellent adventure. 😉