What’s It Like Inside Doner, Right Now?

By Matt Van Hoven 

Who knows, but you? We’re hearing lots of crazy rumors about pretty much everything from how the agency’s creative department will be restructured to pension plans to John DeCerchio’s payout. It’s too much to put together, honestly and we don’t want to be making wild allegations so rather than do that right here and now we’re asking someone to come forward and explain this because it’s just too, too much.

Rob, how’s about it? You game? In the case that the rumor about Doner monitoring e-mails sent to us at AgencySpy (we hear this from like, every agency, so it’s not new) please call me at 212-547-7935. Your many many many anonymous tips are welcome too, but this thing is looking deep. Deep. Throat.


There’s also e-mail (agencyspy at gmail dot com), twitter/IM (agencyspy) and smoke signals. But it’s cloudy in NYC today.
Updates on Doner; It’s. Not. Pretty.