What One Woman Has Been Doing Since Getting Laid Off From Her Ad Job

By Matt Van Hoven 

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve been asking you what you’re up to now that you’ve been laid off from your ad-job, and it’s really hard to find another one. To be sure, you’re not all laid off, but many of you are. Today we share a bit about Sally Rose, who was laid off from Boston based Modernista! in June.

She writes: “I was laid off back in June from Modernista! in Boston. It was my first job out of school. I was devastated. I did a lot of print work for GM! I loved working there.


So, I started painting again. I kept trying to get back into another agency. Now I am starting to feel like I am in college again. My creative is back to being my passion with having no client to please. I am really starting to be happy again. Art for Art!”

Sally tells us she has found gainful employment, and that her bills are getting paid. But what’s your story? E-mail us (and attach images like Sally did if your time is spent doing something visual) at matt@mediabistro.com to tell us what you’re up to.

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You’re Out of Work, So What Do You Do With Your Time?

Thanks for sharing your talent with us Sally!