What I Can’t Say

By SpyWriter 

Oftentimes here at AS, we get tips from people that just spill all. Of course there are things that we just can’t say, but it’s obvious that those tipsters really want you to know. Trust me, I also really want to share. But I also don’t want a lawsuit on my hands. So here’s what I can say, as per the tipster’s email. You can fill in the blanks.

“Which Managing Director of ______________ in San Francisco (hint, his initials are ______) has been sleeping with his office peers. Oh, he’s also married to the former HR Manager of this office… did I mention that they now have a child together too? Oh yeah, he also slept with women in the office (some of which he reported to) when she worked in the same office. Also, check out his LinkedIn profile, which has been altered as he never worked for ________… Crazy how people think they can do these things. Oh vey.”

While it’s no secret that this kind of “business” goes on in the business, it’s still shocking to know that some people are so bold. And I’m a firm believer that how you manage your personal life is a great indicator of how you will manage your business. It’s a risky move to have someone with lack of self control and little regard for discretion having a major hand in the success or failure of accounts worth millions of dollars.