What Do People Think of Your Brand? (repost)

By SpyWriter 

That’s the question that Marketing Consultant, Noah Brier, is asking with his new web project- Brand Tags.
It’s a sort of social experiment, if you will, that measures how a brand is viewed.

The idea behind the site is to explore how different people think of brands differently. When you visit the site, you are shown a logo and asked to type in the first thought that comes to mind when you see that logo. Those thoughts are entered into the databse for that brand and the site calculates how often the words or phrases were used. You can look at what people have entered in about certain brands. And there is even a battle mode is which brands are pitted against eachother and you pick the brand that resonates with you more.


It’s interesting to see some of the off color thoughts that people have. The site enlarges the thoughts that have been expressed more often, so some words are much larger than others. It’s also pretty fun to see how many people associate the same things with some of these brands. And, unfortunately for those guys, it’s not always a positive association. Some of these brands are really missing their mark.

Looks like it’s time to really ask the question- “What do people think of our brand?”

Update: We got an email about this site the other day and thought it was worth talking about it. SuperSpy had some thoughts on it too. The site has grown since AgencySpy’s original post.