Wexley Launches Effort to Restore the ‘R’ Atop Seattle’s Rainier Brewery

By Bob Marshall 

If I am to understand my current book Uprising correctly, StrawberryFrog co-founder Scott Goodson would refer to this as an example of “Movement Marketing.” Unfortunately, I’m not very far in my book and have terrible reading comprehension. So, if you’re seeing this, Scott, and think I have it all wrong, please let me know in the comment section.

Back in the 70s, Seattle’s Rainier beer was apparently a well-known local brew that denizens of the “City That Always Rains” adored. In fact, Rainier actually invented the whole “frogs croaking words to sell beer” thing long Budweiser made the concept into a national phenomenon. Atop Rainer’s brewery was a magnificent letter “R” which, upon the brewery’s demise, was removed and kept safe by Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI), home to the world’s largest collection of worthless Seattle Supersonics memorabilia (maybe).


In recent time, Pabst Brewery has purchased and resurrected Rainier, motivating MOHAI to tap the wild ‘n’ crazy scamps at Seattle’s Wexley School for Girls for a campaign to “Restore the R.” On the campaign’s website, activists and beer drinkers can partake in any number of 258 challenges which, upon completion, will cause the brand’s beloved icon to have a full restoration with Pabst picking up the bill.

As Wexley partner and CD Cal McAllister says,  “It’s a sign of the media times that this whole campaign is being undertaken without any paid-for media. We’re using the Northwest’s favorite beer to start a social movement that showcases Rainier’s ties to Seattle, drives awareness of the collaboration between MOHAI and Rainier, and encourages community engagement in the restoration of the iconic ‘R’.”’

So, if you think you can “crush a Rainier can with only your mind,” “take a bath in Rainier” or “drink your favorite meal in smoothie form,” upload evidence of your feats of strength here .