Wendy’s Shows Us All How to Respond to a Twitter Troll

By Erik Oster 

Happy New Year, trolls and troll owners.

When presented with a predictably anonymous Twitter person questioning the veracity of its “never frozen” claims, burger chain Wendy’s responded in just about the best way imaginable. In fact, Wendy’s comeback was enough to get the user to delete not just the tweets in question, but their entire account. Luckily Upworthy’s Parker Molloy was there to document the exchange before only one side of it was available.

The trolling in question came in reply to the brand’s tweet claiming their beef was “too cool” to ever be frozen (adding parenthetically that it could guarantee fresh beef in the contiguous U.S. and Canada — sorry, Hawaii).


A user using an account named Thuggy-D or @NHride replied, claiming to speak for some nebulous “we” entity that “knows” the beef is frozen.
wendys-tweet-1-2016Wendy’s textbook reply was a defense of the “never frozen” claim pointing out that the chain’s restaurants have used fresh beef since Wendy’s was founded in 1969. When Thuggy-D responded questioning if they delivered their beef hot off the truck, however, the brand turned up the heat with a sarcastic question of their own.
When the troll responded by claiming the chain should give up, praising a certain competitor, Wendy’s responded with the classic burn which led to the troll account’s demise.

It was an effective way to deal with the issue because the chain made the trolling look foolish without descending into outright meanness or abandoning its sense of decorum.

This is how you do social media, people!

We’ve reached out to the brand’s AOR VML to figure out who gives the brand so much sass, but if we had to guess we’d say it’s the in-house team handing out owns.