Wednesday Stir

By Minda Smiley 

-Remember the “business accelerator” Gerry Graf and Maxi Itzkoff created last year? It now has its own manifesto. In typical Gerry Graf fashion, it’s weird. Slap Global tapped Broadway singer Ciaran Sheehan to sing said manifesto, which is paired with footage of men being slapped (above). Enjoy.

Ray Del Savio is VCCP New York’s new ecd. He joins from Droga5.


-In other creative hire news, Marcus “Kawa” Kawamura is taking on the role of ecd at healthcare agency AREA 23.

-Pornhub’s “sexstainability” campaign asks people to stop screwing the planet.

-Deutsch New York has helped Outback Steakhouse create an athleisure line, GIFs and all.

-Panera, too, is getting in on the clothing game—specifically mittens.

-Former marketing executive Geoff Cottrill has some feelings about this year’s Super Bowl.