Wednesday Stir

By Jameson Fleming 

-Toronto-based agency The Garden has new humorous spots out for an appliance retailer, Goemans, that remind folks just how frustrating broken appliances can be.


– There’s a new tool to calculate the carbon impact of a website. This story takes a look at brand websites, but I ran the big five holding companies through the calculator for fun. Publicis generates the least amount of carbon with each page view, and Omnicom was the worst (dirtier than 91% of websites!).

– Mischief has some stellar work for Marvel starring Nick Fury. He meets his replacement in these spots for mobile game Marvel Snap.

Agency Kamp Grizzly delivered my favorite Halloween spot so far this year for Uber Eats. The ad, starring Keke Palmer, gives viewers a chance to win a million dollars worth of promo codes if they watch the ad closely.

– After Gale gave out inflation stipends last week, Publicis Group follows suit for about half of its employees.