Wednesday Stir

By Kyle O'Brien 

-StrawberryFrog developed a new campaign for personal banking company Truist, which is premiering during March Madness basketball, focusing on the concept of care. A spot titled “Umbrella,” directed by Randy Krallman features a Truist teammate, Jessica, as a child, who demonstrates that she will do whatever she can to protect those around her, in this case shielding a classmate’s meticulous history project from a splashing car with a carefully placed umbrella. Fast forward and Jessica is still caring for people, this time at her Truist job.

-Adweek dove into what agencies are doing to address more inclusive family planning policies.


-As war rages on in Ukraine, two creatives from the country designed a striking project to rally global support and thank those who are standing with Ukrainians.

Pusha T has released a biting rap titled “Spicy Fish Diss,” for Arby’s, which takes aim at McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish sandwich.

-Seven Black titans in creative marketing came together in one room for a documentary titled Black Madison Ave. that they hope will result in overdue action towards a more equitable ad industry.

-The “girl boss” movement, an exclusive empire that has allowed outdated and exclusionary feminism to flourish into the 21st century, has officially reached its expiration date.

-Skinny jeans are out, according to Gen Z, which is increasingly tearing them off, opting instead for a more comfortable cut.