Wednesday Odds and Ends: The RumorMill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

Another day, another pen full of rumors to share with you all. Let’s play some fill-in-the-blank, shall we?

&#151 “pending layoffs at wpp/________ due to automotive ties to ___… may be happening today.”

&#151 “Hey guys I don’t know if this is the appropriate spot but with all the recession talk a bit of good news never hurt anyone. Maddock Douglas is an agency in Chicago that has been expanding like crazy. They have hired 13 people in the last 3 months and are posting more job listings.”

&#151 “TBWA Did _____ Leave a Hole bigger than anyone could have possibly imagined? The suits that cheered when he left probably aren’t cheering now”

&#151 The two cubicle bangers have been fired from ____.

&#151 “Element 79 had more layoffs yesterday. Can you say toilet bowl”

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