Wednesday Odds and Ends: The Rumormill Edition

By Matt Van Hoven 

“You can add the troubled agency, imc2, to Enfatico’s growing list of ‘suppliers.’ They’ve proposed a team to work on ‘marketing to Women’ initiatives.”

&#151 See above photo, as Euro RSCG Chicago’s Steffan Postaer ponders his decision to combine the word “advertising” with a religious bent in his new book, The Happy Soul Industry. Um, this isn’t a rumor, but we thought the imagery was nice, in light of this.

&#151 “Please take a look at the bizarre subway brand train campaign that posted for Remy Martin – it’s like lesbian & threesome innuendo with the tagline ‘things just got a little more interesting.”


(ed’s note: we couldn’t find it, so please someone, help us out.)

&#151 “WPP’s ‘hiring’ freeze: read: company wide ‘salary freeze'” link

&#151 “Ax is falling at Arnold, Boston. I got laid off yesterday. More of my friends got laid off today.”

&#151 “For what it’s worth, I’m a senior employee in a major Omnicom company, and we’ve heard nothing about holiday parties being onsite only.” link

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