Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Kiran Aditham 

-AOL’s David Eun will be named THR’s Digital Power Player of 2010. What’s Silky Johnson gonna think? link

-Mr Youth appoints 30-year P&G vet Jamie Egasti to its board of directors. link


-Y&R and Tool’s Jason Zada collaborate on an AR campaign for link

-Arc Worldwide appointed Bryan Gailey to VP/retail design director. link

-Nike is opening its first Converse-only store in Boston this summer. link

-South Jersey Wendy’s customers, always full of class. link

-Bottled water sales are banned in Concord, Mass. link

-Study says Twitter has “yet to articulate its value” for most. link

-Miller High Life packaging gets redesigned. link

-Craiglist adult ads are under scrutiny yet again. link

-Andrew Pautz was promoted to account leader at Carmichael Lynch. link

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