Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Matt Van Hoven 

This whole Chris Brown v. Rihanna thing is getting way outta control. Not to mention the U.S. banking system literally came within hours of complete failure. On the bright side, you’re still alive and able to read today’s news round-up.

&#151 The FDA made the makers of YAZ birth control run what amounts to a retraction ad. link

&#151 Sirius XM Prepares for Possible Bankruptcy. link

&#151 Playboy has put their rebranding in the hands of a guy that once peed on a police car, video taped it, and posted it on the site he managed &#151 link

&#151 WPP’s Ireland HQ Is Nothing But a Tax Dodge. link

&#151 A-B Creative Chief Bob Lachky to Step Down &#151 we knew this but those punks wouldn’t tell us anything! link

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