Wednesday Odds and Ends

By Patrick Coffee 

-Verizon and R/GA want everyone to #BePresent during the holidays by turning their damn phones off!

-Doner and client Smithfield used Amazon Echo to develop a “Hambulance” that responds to Turkey Day emergencies. Its solution? Serve ham instead!

-Anonymous Twitter account @slpng_giants aims to shame brands that place ads on sites like Breitbart.


-In other, far more obnoxious social media news, a “consultancy” called Rapid Reset loves to auto-spam every Twitter user even remotely affiliated with the ad industry while offering a free call to discuss its completely worthless services!! We cannot stress how annoying this practice is.

-Two creative directors at Brigham Young University’s AdLab created “Brandsgiving,” or 30 days of spec work for 30 different brands.

Jessica Alba’s Honest Company is less than honest.

-Infiniti is looking for new agencies to handle digital, CRM and social media across Western Europe. Don’t worry, CP+B will be fine.

-Media buyers are growing more wary of “viral publishers” like Elite Daily and Thought Catalog … and not a moment too soon!