Wednesday Morning Stir

By Kiran Aditham 

Since we save our usual daily Odds and Ends section for day’s end, the news can sometimes tend to be, how do we say, not so fresh by 4:30PM. So, we’re pulling double-duty on our aggregation efforts and bringing you the Morning Stir, because hey, there seems to be enough industry-related material to go around. And so we begin…

-News Corp profits are up thanks largely in part to Avatar…oh yeah, and local advertising, too. link


-Fallon London MD Karina Wilsher splits for the Big Apple to join Anomaly. link

-The 10 sexiest Super Bowl spots ever? link

-Mike Bloomberg spent over $2 million on digital ads for his 2009 Mayoral campaign. link

-Universal is looking for a few good (wo)men to join the artificial organ movement on a new site to promote its upcoming sci-fi/thriller Repo Men. link

-Online video ad network Brightroll raises $10 million. link

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