Wednesday Morning Stir

By Kiran Aditham 

-GSD&M Idea City rolled out its first work for Golfsmith, which was co-directed by former CP+B ACD Dave Thomas who’s now at Fueld Films. link

-Fallon/BBDO alum Roger Baxter joined Publicis Seattle as EVP/chief strategy officer. link


-AMV BBDO’s climate change ads were banned by the Advertising Standards Authority for “overstating the risks.” link

-Since CBS and ESPN already sold out of most of their ad slots for The Masters before Tiger Woods’ announce yesterday, they won’t be able to charge Super Bowl-like rates for whatever remains. link

-Yahoo now allows real-time bidding on its ad network and Right Media Exchange. link

-Ignited and appssavvy launched a social online video campaign to promote NBC show Parenthood. link

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