Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-In RPA’s latest effort for, Jeff Goldblum explores alternate realities like the one in which he isn’t losing his hair.

-PDN spoke to ACD Celine Faledam of The Many (formerly Mistress) about working with photographers for creative shoots.

-Vodafone has predictably launched a global media review after taking digital in-house.


-It’s not just Bey. Adidas looks to sign more non-athlete influencers.

-Now may not be the best time to invest in ad agency stocks.

-But that’s not stopping Mark Penn, whose Stagwell Group acquired digital B2B programmatic buying company MultiView.

-Telegraph Creative of Birmingham made an interesting new hire: Cliff Sims, former comms aide to President Trump. The two are currently suing one another.

-Speaking of 45, last night Twitter deleted a MAGA video that ripped a scene from The Dark Knight Returns for copyright infringement. The best part is that Trump’s social team ripped that content itself from a Reddit thread. Nothing is original.

-Creative studio Nice Shoes opened a new office in Chicago.

-Accenture Interactive North America senior MD Glen Hartmann told LBB that “assimilation is not the goal” when it comes to Droga5, which has apparently been acquired by the Borg.

-Patagonia—which makes its own beer—is suing AB InBev for creating a beer called … Patagonia.