Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-BETC Paris and retailer E. Leclerc delve into the costs of parenthood in this spot. Did they talk about how daycare is more expensive than a mortgage, though?

-Adweek dug a little deeper to figure out what led to Sunday’s departures of Comscore CEO and president Bryan Wiener and Sarah Hofstetter, both former 360i executives.

-YouTube is often a cesspool of horrific content focused on “engagement” and ad revenue above all else, according to this must-read Bloomberg feature.


-Turns out diamond makers might be less than honest in their advertising. Who knew!

-Meanwhile, the U.K.’s ASA banned an ad for “trivializing” cosmetic surgery, because what could possibly be less trivial??

-Eastern Bank announced an extension of its relationship with Boston agency CTP via a campaign featuring gymnastics star Aly Reisman along with former MLB and NFL players David Ortiz and Doug Flutie.

-VMLY&R London ECD Harsh Kapadia is relocating to New York.

-Rest in Peace, the Alliance of American Football. Literally gone before its time.

-In diametrically opposed news, More About Advertising thinks low expectations might be a secret blessing for WPP.

-“The past is Martin Sorrell,” says 85-year-old man.