Wednesday Morning Stir

By Doug Zanger 

-Decoded and director Gia Coppola were behind an Oscars ad you may have seen for Visa, which took on the changing pay gap in Hollywood. It connects to a much wider effort from the brand called “Money Is Changing.”

-275 ads later, Devine Mulvey Longabaugh is walking away from Bernie Sanders‘ campaign.


-We’re trying to figure out which boy band this photo looks like but, regardless, MPC made some senior moves in New York.

Anselmo Ramos believes that the word “creative” need not be a noun. And here’s an upmarket op-ed from The New York Times from 2013 on the phenomenon of verbs-as-nouns.

-R/GA scooped up Google’s Andre Le Masurier as EMEA chief creative officer.

-Well, yeah they should do this: Walmart, like Amazon, is chasing up some ad dollars.

-Work & Co went and got Ikea as a digital product partner.

-We’re for four-day work weeks. The industry seems to be struggling with the idea, but here are leaders spearhading the revolution (according to Campaign).

-Didja notice The Drum is calling themselves The Drone? Cheeky Scots.