Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Fallon New York is out to make the Lime-A-Rita thing happen again with some help from a few capable ladies.

-One unnamed ad agency HR and PR director puts the blame for the industry’s cultural problems directly on … human resources. It’s an oddly gendered argument.

-The birth of Mihai Botarel and Raul Mandru‘s agency RXM began with a single “culture hack” while at 360i.

-Bank of America created a brand safety officer position to make sure it gets what it’s paying for on the ad front. Get ready.

-Pizza Hut Delivery(?) selected Iris as its advertising agency in the U.K. following a review.

-ICYMI, FCB Worldwide CEO Carter Murray wrote a little essay for The Drum about why they’re sticking to diversity goals.

-Copywriter Andy Maslen suggests you learn to write better when you quit writing already.

-Or you could just give up and say fuck it, because Snapchat gave CEO Evan Spiegel a $637 million bonus last year.