Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-TBWA\Spain’s latest for American Tourister shows us how the rules don’t apply to famous people like Cristiano Ronaldo.

-Fresh off its Trump-trolling CNN campaign, Figliulo&Partners hired Natalie Troubh of Badger & Winters as executive director of client service and Henry Monsell as executive director of strategy.

-United Airlines has taken more of its content creation operations in-house since hiring Dana Brooks Reinglass as chief storyteller. That means even less (social media) work for you!


-Speaking of in-house, more clients on the media side of the agency world are doing things themselves too.

-Maybe this is part of the reason why Pivotal downgraded WPP stock from “buy” to “hold” this week.

-British cops are now telling people to stop calling them about the closing of hundreds of KFC outlets. This mess is going to win a Bronze Lion for activations, isn’t it?

-ICYMI, Leo Burnett London is moving … into the same building as Fallon right next door to Saatchi & Saatchi! Shared offices are the solution to every problem.

-AGAIN with the “we’re optimistic about Twitter” from media buyers and marketers. It’s a fucking cesspool and we are addicted to it.