Wednesday Morning Stir

By Patrick Coffee 

-If you’re looking to see David Beckham overcome by deadly mosquitoes, you may be disappointed by this “Malaria Must Die” campaign from R/GA London, Ridley Scott Associates and director Baillie Walsh. (We personally wanted to open that box.)

-What’s the one trick that has helped multiple executives move up in the agency world? A British accent!

Campaign asks whether work/life balance is truly achievable in advertising. SPOILER: no.

-That said, how can creatives stop wasting their time and energy? By working on “digital experiences that facilitate real-world interactions,” according to Afdhel Aziz.

-The kidz still aren’t watching ad-powered cable TV—even if it carries the Vice brand.

-Lululemon’s CEO Laurent Potdevin stepped down due to a long-term relationship with a designer at the company, according to CNBC.

-Following news of his resignation, the company named Celeste Burgoyne, executive VP for the Americas, as its head of brand marketing. She replaces Duke Stump, who handled such campaigns as last year’s “This Is Yoga” by Vice-owned agency Virtue.

-In Contrary Opinions, Automotive News marketing reporter Vince Bond Jr. writes that he was “heartened—not outraged” by Highdive’s Ram Super Bowl ad featuring a speech by Martin Luther King, Jr.