Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Red Urban launched a puppy-filled spot for the Subaru Forester (video above).

-The Energizer Bunny is getting a makeover.

DDB’s relationship with FIAT Chrysler’s Alfa Romeo (a total of 375 cars sold in the U.S. so far this year) ended even sooner than we thought it would.


-Intermark CEO Jake McKenzie explains “What Brands Can Learn From the Psychology of Politics.”

-A self-described “brazen copy apologist” thinks copywriters need to stop complaining and help clients improve their briefs.

Ad tech drama is so much more boring than ad agency drama.

-Adweek explores “Why Internet-Famous Dogs Are Fetching So Much Love From Brands.”

-Anomaly Amsterdam hired Andy Childs as communication planning and partnership director.