Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Isobar launched “Follow Your Love, Don’t Wait” for ice cream brand Cornetto in China (video above).

People who use ad blockers only want to avoid the “obnoxious” ads, which are definitely not the ones you worked on.

-JWT thinks brands can help Britons survive #Brexit (presumably by reminding them that they just fucked up, big time).


-Adweek chats with Planet Propaganda partners Greg Wold, Ben Hirby and John Besmer

-Pokemon Go developer Niantic confirmed the app will feature sponsored locations in the future. 

-The Drum examines “Brands, gender and the new masculinity.”

-Serial Marketer consultancy principal David Berkowitz provides “A Marketer’s Guide to Pokémon Go.”

Research shows YouTube is less generous than streaming services like Spotify to both musicians and advertisers.

-Craft breweries are running out of hop-pun names and fighting over what’s left.