Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-DDB Australia launched a new spot promoting McDonald’s Create Your Taste menu with one dedicated father and a side helping of Meatloaf (video above).

“Female empowerment” is primarily another way to sell shit…but you already knew that.

Are millennials entitled or empowered? Maybe we should ask Matt Britton.

Ad Contrarian thinks marketers don’t know much about the kids these days. Maybe they should ALL just ask Matt Britton.

Did your agency roll out an initiative and press release to achieve equal pay? Hill+Knowlton did.

Brands are really into periods now. Just go with it. 

Did you know Razorfish has a store called Razorshop? Lots of agencies are apparently getting in on this “intellectual property” thing.

Aaron Paul (of Breaking Bad and Bojack Horseman fame) revisits his appearance in a Juicy Fruit ad.