Wednesday Morning Stir

By Erik Oster 

-Rethink Communications introduces The Caseys, “An award show celebrating the best in advertising case study videos” (video above).

-Slate Cosmetics is debuting a new cosmetics line with an entirely digital launch, allowing users to upload their image to test out its products.

-Keith Hunt, a managing partner at the corporate finance advisors Results International, says Publicis’ Sapient purchase “will be the beginning of a string of acquisitions.”


-Influencer network Breakr claims to be behind the “#AlexFromTarget” buzz.

-Starbucks is launching a “Starbucks For Life” holiday campaign offering customers the chance to win free Starbucks for thirty years.

-Texas-based Proof Advertising calls a bar its home.

-Huffington Post CEO Jimmy Maymann predicts that it is “very likely” that the interruptive ad model will fail on mobile.

-Former Grupo Gallegos CCO Pablo Buffagni launches BBQ Agency.