Webflow Ponders What Life Would Be Like if it Was Made by Web Designers

By Kyle O'Brien 

Imagine if your life was produced by web designers, with all their glitches, cliches and flaws. That’s the world brought to life in a guffaw-inducing spot for no-code web design platform Webflow.

“If Life Were Like Web Design,” by creative production company Where the Buffalo Roam, walks the viewer through a series of scenarios about how life would be different through a digital web design lens, like walking through a door and having it not work because of a pesky update. Or everyone dressing the same because of cookie-cutter design. Or poured coffee missing the cup because of bad alignment. You get the idea:  everything being complicated because of over-engineering.


“It’s a spot for designers, but anyone who’s ever tried to make a website or use subpar software will get it,”director Brian L. Perkins said in a statement. “Bad software won’t let you do even the simplest things. It breaks your mind. If the real world operated like that you’d go crazy. So, the message is, you don’t have to live like this. Webflow removes the senseless obstacles, so smart people can make awesome things.”

Perkins and Where the Buffalo Roam worked with Webflow on a list of pain points its software resolves for designers and worked that into the script. The design was deliberately monochromatic and the special effects mimicked computer errors, while the actors balanced physicality with a restrained dry humor.

“We had a lot of fun on set with the cast and crew, as we kept trying to dial-in the perfect dry reactions to an office that is no longer obeying the rules of physics and common sense,” said Perkins.


Client: Webflow

VP Marketing: Ashley Brucker-Stepien

Director of Content & Communications: Mischa Vaughn

Director of Growth Marketing: Tim Dalrymple

Director of Design: David Hoang

Design Manager: Ryan Miyoshi

Production Company: Where the Buffalo Roam (WTBR)/Oakland, CA

Director/Writer: Brian L. Perkins

Executive Producer: Tim Pries

Producer: Emma Jubinski

Designer: Tuesday McGowan

Animator: Jake Pryor

Post Producer: Mike Schultz

Where shot: Half Moon Bay, CA

Post Production + Editorial Company: WTBR

Editor: Jonathan Flookes

VFX Company: WTBR

VFX Supervisor/Flame Artist: Simon Mowbray

Colorist: MFD

Music: APM

Sound Designer & Mixer: Blake Aaron Henderson