We Hear: So Maybe Tribal Dallas IS Being Absorbed by TracyLocke

By Kiran Aditham 

Over the course of 24 hours, we’ve received a few tips regarding the relationship between Tribal DDB Dallas and TracyLocke, agencies which both denied any form of absorption back in May. Well friends, it appears that the rumor mill is churning yet again and it’s culminated into our favorite tip of the day: “TribalDDB dallas IS being absorbed into Tracy Locke. Rode in an elevator with Tribal employees who shared that those few who remained are being absorbed into TL and are moving out of Tribal offices into Tracy Locke. They have been told that Tribal Dallas is no more. Yes…agency mouthpieces do apparently lie.”

As due diligence demands, we’ve contacted both parties to see what’s up (they’ve yet to respond) and we’ll let you know when they tell us once again that this is NOT true. Until then, feel free to hum the Dallas theme song if you remember it.


Update: So, sources familiar with the matter tell us that it’s a “natural progression” of how the two agencies have been working and, yes, they do share clients including Pizza Hut and PepsiCo. We’ve been told that the Tribal Dallas name is intact (though directives are basically coming from NY) and this is just a result of of TL and Tribal already working in close proximity, staff and location-wise. There won’t be any cuts made, we’ve been told, by the closer agency cuddling.